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Where has Pete traveled for Site Visits?
As of early 2012, Pete has worked on designing and building treehouses in the following countries:
United States Treehouses United States
Canada Treehouses Canada
Costa Rica Treehouses Costa Rica
England Treehouses England
France Treehouses France
Germany Treehouses Germany
Spain Treehouses Spain
Morroco Treehouses Morocco
Japan Treehouses Japan
Greece Treehouses Greece
Nelson Treehouse and Supply
Try not to go into your trees with a pre-conceived idea of what your treehouse will look like, The trees themselves will determine that for us.  |  Pete Nelson
Pete Site visit for a "Conceptual Consultation":
Pete would like to meet your trees! In fact, meeting your trees is a critical part of the conceptual and budgeting pieces of the treehouse building process that takes place during a site visit. Once Pete show's up at your house, expect him to stay anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on the complexity of your project. Here's what generally happens during a site visit:
  • Put on a pot of coffee and get ready to talk! Pete wants to hear in detail about your treehouse-how you envision using the space, your design ideas, hopes, and wishes. If you want to let the kids chime in, Pete's all for it. This is the time for you and your family to dream out loud and Pete is the guy to dream with.
  • When the coffee pot's empty it's time to for Pete to meet your trees. The truth is he's never met a tree he didn't like, but he likes some better than others for building treehouses in. He'll want some time to mosey around and get a feel for the place, then he'll make sure that the best tree is chosen for the job of holding up your treehouse (see Tree Selection).
  • With the tree(s) selected, Pete spends some alone time getting to know them better. This is the time when his creativity and his years of experience come together to form a picture of the treehouse you talked about over that pot of coffee.
  • With a concept in mind, Pete will share some preliminary sketches and ideas to share with you what he's thinking. It's with your feedback and direction that Pete puts the polish on the concept. He wants to make sure that the treehouse that's taking shape in his mind is a place where you, your family and your friends will want to spend lots of time for many years to come.
  • The "concept" typically consists of a basic floor plan and elevation. The idea is to come up with a treehouse for your specific tree scenario and aesthetic - this is his specialty.
  • From this concept Pete will be able to give you a very rough budget estimate based off of the square footage and desired materials. Please note, this range is not concrete until we move on from the conceptual phase into the budgeting phase - a separate process and fee.

You're in the driver's seat! If you want to move on from the concept drawings to build-able plans and a hard bid you will be put on our build priority list! We will keep your concept drawings on file and have a great starting place when the time comes to make your dream treehouse a reality!

Ready to take the next step? We would love to help build your dream treehouse. Please fill out this short questionnaire. Due to the high volume of requests that we have received in the last couple of months we are doing our best to get back to everyone. Please be patient when awaiting a response and know that we are taking the time to read through every request.