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Nelson Treehouse and Supply

At Nelson Treehouse and Supply the way we do it right the first time is by encouraging our customers to share their vision for the perfect treehouse.

Our design services to fall into two categories:

A. Design from a consultation:

This would include anything related to a consultation, over the phone, in person or the modification of any of our existing plans. Once we have agreed on the scope with a design proposal, our team gets to work. An average treehouse design takes around 20+ hours and a modification of an existing plan takes around 7+ hours. Further design is required for full treehouse builds, including material specifications and detail drawings.

Costs breakdown:
NT&S design work- $150 an hour
CAD plans- $175 an hour

B. Design by Pete Nelson

This typically happens after Pete has visited your site. Pete develops conceptual drawings, these usually include an elevation, floor plan and platform plan. Once the client signs off on the concept, these plans typically go off to our draftsman to become buildable plans. The cost of a Pete Nelson Conceptual Design is $15,000.