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Our Dogs
Victor Shade Nelson
Victor Shade

A typical Nelson week would not be complete without a call regarding Vic's whereabouts. She is a wizard with the ball and prefers to take herself on walks.

Chica Nelson

Chica came home with the Nelsons after their year in Spain. She does not speak English, and for the most part rules the house. Chica adores Pete and is happiest when he is home.

Roy Nelson

While visiting a treehouse in New York, Judy fell in love with a rescue named Roy. He is possibly the loudest snorer you'll ever meet, and a champion cuddlier. Judy is his queen.

Rusty McDonald

Rusty (aka rustofferson, trusty-dusty-rusty, rustafari), was born into the treehouse industry and has been involved in more treehouse builds than most humans could ever hope for. At an early age, he accidentally fell out of a treehouse. He turned out to be fine, but now has a much greater respect for safety. He's the crafty veteran of the treehouse dog crew; he's been there, done that and seen it all.

Neko Maloy

Mutt: daughter of a tramp
Occupation: shop dog, family dog
Hobbies: harassing squirrels, running, chasing sticks and balls
Favorite trick: tree climbing

Nelson Treehouse and Supply
Pete Nelson

Pete got excited about treehouses at age 5 when his dad built him a tiny one behind the garage of their Ridgewood, NJ home. The scope and size of Pete’s treehouse fantasies expanded from there, but all of that appeared to run its course by the time he received his driver’s license. Unfashionably, Pete’s treehouse fantasies returned after graduating from college in Colorado with an economics degree. The carpenter and home-builder within him could not be silenced, and with an eye to become "the treehouse guy", Pete embarked on a career path unique in this age.

The 1994 publication of "Treeehouses; The Art and Craft of Living Out on a Limb", the first book of its kind, and has culminated in the publication of five more books on the subject, a thriving treehouse building and supply company, a treehouse hotel, and a hit television series on Animal Planet.

Pete has been signing his books with the tag line "Be in a Tree" since the earliest days of the movement. He would like nothing more than to put you there. He lives with his wife, Judy, in Fall City, Washington.

Daryl McDonald

Daryl was born in New England, then moved west with his family at the age of 10. Growing up with a father who was a contractor, Daryl has been around building all of his life. While attending the University of Washington, Daryl met Pete through a mutual friend. The rest is history; over 200 treehouses in over 6 countries later, Daryl lives and breathes treehouses. He also enjoys outdoor activities like snowboarding, mountain biking, and hiking with his wife Nicola (who he met at treehouse workshop!), and their faithful dog Rusty.

Emily Nelson

Emily arrived as the Nelson's first born when Pete and Judy were only dreaming about how they might live a life built around treehouses. Having been raised around the goings on at Nelson headquarters, Emily knows the ins and outs of the biz and specializes in reigning Pete in. Emily lives in Seattle with her dog, Toasty-Roasty-Munchy-Bun, and can often be found chatting loudly with Pete on her parent's front porch.

Rheanna Pless

This California-born girl found her way into the trees while completing her thesis on small space design with a focus on treehouses. This young grasshopper studies under Pete and Daryl, filling note pads with passed down wisdom. You can find her in the office chatting with clients, drawing, sourcing goods, and singing funk music far too loud. Rheanna wears about a thousand different hats for NTS, and looks good in all of them.

Chuck McClellan

Chuck was born in the year of the monkey, which may explain his love of being in the trees. It started at an early age, in the back yard of his Boston childhood home. The love of building has been a preoccupation, and an occupation, for most of his life. Chuck has been a General Contractor in Seattle since the late 1980's, but has worked on projects all over the country and around the world. His delightful partner Teri Fox, a former Treehouse Workshopper, convinced Pete to hire Chuck in 2008. Since then, he has been growing younger by the week working with the Nelson crew.

Alex Meyer

Alex's childhood passions were tree climbing and building forts. His career as a builder began when he was just a teenager working as a framer, finish carpenter, and cabinet builder, punctuated by sabbaticals for travel and college. He became a project manager and then a general contractor, and was looking for more creative, artistic, and adventurous work when he met Pete and his crew at a Global Treehouse Symposium. He knew he had to work with these talented, free-spirited visionaries. And now he does! Alex feels fortunate to be surrounded by such passionate people, building inspired retreats in beautiful, vertical environments.

"The door to novelty is always slightly ajar: many pass it by with barely a glance, some peek inside but choose not to enter, others dash in and dash out again; while a few, drawn by curiosity, boredom, rebellion, or circumstance, venture in so deep or wander around in there so long that they can never find their way back out." - Tom Robbins, Villa Incognito

Dylan Rauch

After finishing school in North Carolina, Dylan drifted to the west coast where he joined forces with the Nelson crew. Since then he's been roaming the country with a tool belt and an upbeat attitude, living the happy life of a treehouser. Thanks to his previous experiences in technical theater and doing mechanical fabrication, Dylan approaches treehouse building with powerfully creative perspective. Also, he can move things with his mind.

Charlie Nelson

Born into the world of treehouses, Charlie is Pete Nelson’s son and one of the carpenters on our build crew. Growing up in, among, and dangling from trees, Charlie has enjoyed this unique perspective, and thoroughly appreciates the effect treehouses have on the trees and on the people who interact with them. Charlie has accumulated a broad set of treehouse building skills that he looks forward to passing on to future generations of treehouse builders, just as previous craftsmen have done with him.

Devin Hanley

Devin's first treehouse building experience came from building his own three-story home in the trees where he lived for many years. He thoroughly enjoyed the building process and the happiness his project brought to everyone who saw it. Somehow, it seems really difficult for people to be in a bad mood around a treehouse. Perhaps it is because of the playful mystery associated with treehouse living? Once, Devin spent his time traveling around the world and living in a treehouse of his own. Now he enjoys helping create castles in the sky for others.

Patrick Willse

Hailing from tropical Cleveland, Ohio, Patrick only recently found his home in the Pacific Northwest. At his first construction job, building a brew pub in his hometown of Rocky River, Patrick was inspired when he helped transform a tired old building into a work of art. He went on to build skate ramps, and ran his own residential construction business specializing in outdoor living spaces. Patrick was bitten by the treehouse bug after building a treehouse for his nieces and nephews. He is completely blown away on a daily basis by the beauty of the Northwest and by working with the extremely talented carpenters on the Nelson crew.

Bubba Smith

Bubba learned traditional carpentry skills from his uncle James in Texas. He then learned treehouse carpentry skills from Daryl (our crew lead) in Seattle, beginning in 2002. "Bubs" is full of love; he loves solving the unpredictable and unique puzzles that each treehouse project presents. He loves the fellowship he finds in treehousing and the way being around treehouses makes people "glow." He loves his Toyota truck, star drive screws, and fresh saw blades. He loves bean & cheese burritos, dark coffee with cream, and roller hockey. But not nearly as much as he loves his darling wife, Anna.

Seanix Zenobia

Seanix is originally from Indiana, but now resides in Seattle, WA with his “lovely and wildly intelligent” wife, Camille. Seanix prefers to keep his feet off the ground, by spending most of his time in the trees. He must come down for very important things like spending time with family, playing musical instruments, and nourishing himself, but plans are underway to alleviate (or as he puts it, “to elevate”) this situation.

Toby Maloy

Toby was introduced to woodworking at a young age in his father's shop and has been following that path in various forms ever since. He brings 25 years of building experience to Nelson Treehouse and Supply. He shares a love of gardening and the outdoors with his wife Jennifer, and is kept on his toes by three year old son, Arrow. Toby is often accompanied at work by Neko the dog.

Ian Franks
Ian Franks

Ian Franks' most memorable childhood moments were spent building forts on his family's wooded lot just 15 miles from Fall City. Following his schooling at Evergreen State in 2003, Ian decided he'd be happiest working with his hands. And as far as construction experiences go, Ian's done it all, including Timber framing, Straw bale and Cobb construction. He's also one heck of a fine wood worker. Ian joined the Nelson crew in 2012 and is already a valuable member thanks to his keen attention to detail and creative problem solving. When Ian is not building, he is likely to be coaching or playing Rugby, his lifelong love.

John Cage

John got his first taste of helping someone make their building dreams come true when he was just a kid and he helped his mom remodel their family home. Since then, he's been honing his carpentry skills for the last 25 years as builder, remodeling custom homes. He also spent 3 years putting his magic to work as a carpenter at a local theater in Issaquah. When he was offered a position to work with wood in the trees as part of the Nelson crew-it was a no brainer! John, who has lived in the Seattle area for the past 35 years, finds that building treehouses is the perfect place to mix magic with fine wood working. He still loves using his carpentry skills to make people's dreams come true!

Judy Nelson

The love of treehouses must be contagious because Judy gets as excited about the arboreal structures as the rest of her family does. When she's not busy running Treehouse Point (with the help of an incredible staff!) Judy loves to cook, play soccer, hike and drink tequila with her friends. She married Pete nearly 27 years ago and is an excellent mom to their three fantastic kids, three dogs, a large cat and a bunch of chickens.

Henry Nelson
After being refined at various educational institutions for the past few years, Henry, twin of Charlie, is ready to bust onto the treehouse scene! Expect to see more of this up and comer as he becomes the next Nelson to master the family trade. When Henry is not busy swinging a hammer you can probably find him hucking a Frisbee out in the backyard, or sporting a backpack and exploring the great Pacific Northwest.