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What is your favorite treehouse?
It's so hard to pick a favorite. There are many that stand out, so I don't feel I can pick just one. I would say that The Hermitage, at Treehouse Point, is my favorite among the treehouses that I own. It is a tiny little space, with only room for a small desk and one chair, meant for private reflection and personal writing time.
Outside of my own property, I would say that my favorite treehouse in the United Stated is one I worked on in September, 2000 in West Falmouth, MA. It is a very cool place, both geographically and architecturally. As the birthplace of the American shingle style in residential construction, the treehouse was built to reflect that heritage.
Beyond our borders, my favorite treehouse is on Salt Spring Island in Canada. Built in July of 1992, it was my first real, large-scale, adult style treehouse project. It was featured in my first book and I hold fond memories of the barn-raising type of approach we used. It is supported by the largest fir tree I have ever built in.
Nelson Treehouse and Supply
Pete Nelson is available for a wide variety of speaking engagements. His knowledge and experience in the treehouse building industry as well as traditional home construction affords him opportunities to speak about a wide variety of subjects. His lectures and discussions may include, but are not limited to, the following topics:
- design
- planning
- construction
- sight-lines and aesthetics
- tree health
- listening to the forest
- reclaimed/salvaged material construction methods

Pete has been invited to speak at workshops, conferences, and schools (including Seattle Pacific University and Stanford University), and craftsman training facilities. He can usually tailor his talk to fit the occasion and can be booked by the hour or for an entire day. Please Contact Us for more information and scheduling.