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Nelson Treehouse and Supply

The steps to a Nelson Treehouse built structure:

Step 1:
The Site Visit or Consultation

Sometimes it is a hardware install, a platform build, or full build with interior elements. We work with you to make sure we have the right build for you during this time.

Step 2:
Design and Budget

The concept drawings of your unique treehouse are turned into buildable plans. We figure out the nuts and bolts of the structure and work with you on material specifications. We create an estimate based off of the specified budget.

Step 3:

Signing a contract to build a treehouse!

Cost Breakdown:

Building Costs
The size of the treehouse, the location, the materials, the level of finish-work-these factors make it impossible to provide a one-price-fits-all estimate. But here's what we can tell you:

To give you a better idea of the realistic costs associated with a Nelson Treehouse, we have broken down the base cost of an out-of-state treehouse build:

Square footage construction price: $525.00 per square foot (200/sf treehouse = $105,000.00)
Logistics for out-of-state travel costs (e.g. plane tickets, freight, accommodations, etc.): $30,000.00
Custom design by Pete Nelson: $15,000.00

Therefore, the average starting cost of a custom NT&S built treehouse is $150,000.00

Additional Costs
Expenses associated with transportation, lodging, per diems and a travel time fee are not marked up and are billed directly to the client.

IMPORTANT NOTE: None of these calculations include the costs of bringing utilities to the house. Nelson Treehouse and Supply is not licensed to perform electrical, gas, or plumbing work, though we contract directly with sub-contractors. These costs also do not include the cost of a certified arborist or engineer to assist with tree selection (optional but recommended) or with permitting, which is the responsibility of the property owner, though we are available for consultation and do all we can to assist.

Getting Started
We ask that you fill out our Online Questionnaire. This will ensure your data is in our system. Once we have reviewed each questionnaire, we will email you with next steps to get your project off the ground.